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Baseball card price can range in value from a few cents to the nearly $2.8 million paid for a Honus Wagner card in the Fall of 2007. Further, baseball card price fluctuates, depending upon player popularity as well as some of the same conditions that affect other collectibles. baseball card price SPACER honus wagner baseball cardBaseball cards that were once included free for the price of candy or tobacco products may be worth a small fortune today! For example, the Ty Cobb baseball card seen on our Vintage Baseball Cards site has a price of about $40,000, although you could have gotten it for the price of a box of Cracker Jack ™ ... if  you happened to be at a baseball game in 1915. The baseball card price of some players is consistently higher than others ... e.g., many Mickey Mantle cards. Of course, the condition or grade of the card is a major consideration when evaluating baseball card price. baseball card price SPACER National Baseball Card Dealer - BaseballCardBuyer

Baseball card price has several variables that require a lot of experience to evaluate. So how can a typical collector estimate their baseball cards' price? That's better left to professional spotscard dealers like, who will gladly give you a FREE BASEBALL CARD PRICE QUOTE on pre-1968 singles, sets or unopened materials. baseball card price SPACER

Grade Your Baseball Cards

Baseball card price can be estimated by collectors by first determining their grade (condition). You can see grading guidelines used by some professional sports card dealers to determine baseball card price at the Baseball Card Buyer site. baseball card price SPACER
PAYING 1938 Goudey Joe DiMaggio baseball card
1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig baseball card of great price

Which baseball cards are valuable?

Baseball card price tends to go higher for older cards ... especially pre-1968 cards. Baseball card price is also very dependent upon the grade of the card. For a fee, professional grading services will grade any card you send them. If you're selling your cards they will also quote you the going baseball card price.
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Baseball Cards with a good price
top: 1938 Goudey Joe DiMaggio
top left: 1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig
right: 1911 T205 Cy Young
bottom: Topps unopened wax pack
bottom left: 1921 E121 American Caramel Babe Ruth
bottom right: 1954 Topps Ted Williams
Cy Young high price baseball card
Babe Ruth with the New York Americans baseball card Ted Williams Boston Red Sox big price baseball card
FOR OLD Unopened Topps wax packs of old baseball cards always get a good price.